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Static and Dynamic reservoir characterization
We have integrated a comprehensive Geo-science data integration approach that has applications in all phases of the Exploration and Production lifecycle. From Survey Design and Seismic data processing to Seismic Interpretation, Reservoir Characterization and Dynamic Reservoir Modeling, we offer a project portfolio with Optimized Drilling Programs and Enhanced Oil Recovery Solutions (EOR). Listed below are the technical key elements of our Geo-science workflow describing our company strength:
• Survey Design.
• Seismic data processing.
• Well log analysis.
• Anisotropy estimation.
• Pre-stack depth migration.
• Seismic Interpretation.
• Fracture Intensity maps.
• Petrophysics.
• Reservoir Characterization.
• Oil Reserve Estimation.
• Dynamic Reservoir Modeling.
• Geomechanics.
• Drilling Optimization.
• EOR.