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Productivity, Innovation, Safety
Founded in 2016, Petram is an independent Oil and Gas company focused on increasing production and developing its portfolio of oil reserves in one of the most wanted field oil geographically distributed over an area of 425 acres in Texas. Petram Oil & Gas is focused in state of the art technologies in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) are applied to our projects to maximize the internal rate of return (IRR) to both Investors and company Shareholders.
Petram Oil and Gas primary areas of interest are active fields with proven, verifiable well production history. Investment decisions are supported by seismic data interpretation and well-logs collected from many wells in the area of study.

Our mission is to grow and to deliver our Operations, Productivity competitive, sustainable in a profitable, creative, safe, and environmentally responsible manner. acquiring and exploring for oil and gas resources vital to the world’s health and welfare. We are aiming towards the protection of the medium and long-term benefit of Investors and Shareholders.


To combine aggressive strategic, quality services and innovative energy business with a great impact In the industry, trough integration with our Investors in a sustainable and profitable commercial model for the oil and gas industry.


To strengthen the standing of our partners, community, state, and nation by being a world class oil producer.

To adhere to the highest standards of integrity, quality, service, and professionalism.

To enjoy sustained growth through recruiting and retaining talented people, investing in technology and developing a trusted business from a diverse customer base.

To look towards the future, by staying relentless in our efforts to improve our products and processes.